Fred and Jackie are exemplary dog carers. They are professional, flexible, thorough and caring. But even more than this, they are real dog lovers. Whether it's home-made liver treats, wooded walks or strolls on the beach, our Siberian Husky, Petra simply adores them and she eagerly looks forward to her walks. The excitement in her eyes when she sees Fred and Jackie is unforgettable, and she returns tired, healthy and happy. We highly recommend WaggyTails to those who want superior care for their four-legged friends. The consummate attention to the welfare and happiness of their pets in care provided by Fred and Jackie is second to none. 

Amelia and Adnan, Herne Bay .


"We have been using Fred and Jackie (

"Waggy Tails dog walking service is flexible and very reliable; and as such it perfectly meets our needs.

Sam (our dog) really looks forward to being picked up and runs to the door as soon as he hears the van.

He thoroughly enjoys his long energetic walks. He has lost weight and is noticeably fitter than he was before we found 

Waggy Tails. We highly recommend the service."

Toni and Iain, Canterbury


The service provided by Fred and Jackie at Waggy tails is more than above excellent. My boys have proper quality walks in different local areas and best of all they can be off the lead. They really do know when Fred and Jackie are coming, they get so excited that they can't get out the door quick enough! When they come back they are exhausted but with happy expressions on their faces.  I am so lucky that Fred and Jackie take such care of my boys.

Barbara, Canterbury


A happy dog makes a happy home

So why not pick up the phone

To arrange for Fred and Jackie

Who will take your dog on a woodland walkie

We highly recommend them

Jim and Pam Godden, Canterbury


It is great to be able to know your dogs are being walked by trusted people and 
looked after. Very pleased with the service - thanks

Bridget, Canterbury


It is now nearly a year since Fred and Jackie of WaggyTails have been walking our dog Jinty on a daily basis.  They have been one hundred per cent reliable and have never once let us down, even during bad weather.  Jinty was a rescue dog, under a year old, when we first got her.  She was nervous of other dogs and people.  Within a short time she was thriving and now has a fantastic run-about every day with them.  They always go to safe places, away from cars, and the venues are always varied.  They treat all their dogs with love and respect, but also the necessary discipline.  We are very grateful indeed for what they have done and continue to do for our beloved labrador cross, Jinty, they are the best!

Chris,  Bekesbourne



"Waggy Tails provides a professional dog walking service beyond compare.  Just seeing Dexter's eagerness to go when the doorbell rings shows he thoroughly enjoys his long walks, and by following Waggy Tails on Twitter and Face book we get to see photos of his latest adventure!  Whatever the weather, Waggy Tails always turn up. So if you're looking for a reliable, trustworthy dog walking service, then look no further."

(Peter & Hannah)  Canterbury



The service provided by Jackie and Fred is excellent. They are a lovely, trustworthy couple with a great passion for dogs. My two dogs, Daisy and Dougal love their walks and adore Jackie and Fred. The sheer excitement when they are picked up for their walk is a pleasure to see. I would recommend them and their service to anyone.

 Jo, Preston 


"Waggy Tails are a pleasure to deal with,they're very reliable, and Mango and Pretzel never fail to return from their walks extremely happy and extraordinarily tired.  Additional touches like being able to view photos and short videos of your dogs on their walks, show how Waggy Tails go that extra mile.     

Elizabeth Bannard 


Without Waggy Tails I would probably have to work part time as I'd be so worried about Sweep being home alone for the whole day.  But knowing that he's out having a fun walk while I'm at work gives me peace of mind and also means that he's fitter and happier.  I also love being able to go online at work and see pictures and videos of him out with the pack - they are really nice touches and brighten my day.  Thank you Waggy Tails!

Jordan Summers 


Waggy tails have literally been a lifesaver.

When I changed jobs my only concern was my dogs welfare

I found Waggy tails and was put at ease straight away when I met Jackie and Fred and they introduced themselves to Ollie.

Ollie was a rescue dog and not the best-behaved boy in the world, but now I have a different dog, not only do they take him for long great walks but Jackie has also trained Ollie to socialise with other dogs.

I have seen a massive change in Ollie’s behaviour he is much more obedient and settled, overall a happier dog.

Jackie has never let me down once she comes out in all weathers. I know when Jackie has arrived as Ollie races to meet her at the doors, you can’t get a much better endorsement than that in my book.

Overall I have complete peace of mind when I’m at work that my dog is safe and happy and to me that is priceless.

Thank you Jackie and Fred


Wendy and Ollie, Chilham