Our service is available subject to a free 30 minute consultation visit. The purpose of the visit is to give us an opportunity to meet the client and their pets and vice-versa.

This is an important opportunity for all parties to get to know each other and to discuss each others requirements.

Also important paperwork (Owner contact details, Pets details, Vets details/consent forms, Key release forms) need to be filled in. No service will be entered into without a completed consultation visit.

The client takes full responsibility for any costs which may arise as a result of sickness, accident injury or damage caused to or by the client's pets, except third party liability.

Payment is required weekly in advance, or left for collection on commencement of the first walk of that week.

Payment by cash or cheque, made payable to Jackie Dunn.

Aggressive dogs will be walked on their own and on a lead at all times. They may also be required to wear a muzzle, if for any reason we feel the dog is becoming a danger to itself or any other animal/human we reserve the right to cancel the walk immediatley and still be paid in full.

For your pets, and our safety, we do not walk in the following conditions: Very heavy snow,icy roads, very high winds and thunder storms.